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  • In New Orleans‚ every store‚ home‚ and street is alive with beautiful jazz melodies. No meal is complete without jazz music! And in this restaurant‚ jazz provides a perfect setting for enjoying Korean food. [SOV] [Interview : ] "Actually‚ excellent." [Interview : ] "I really enjoyed it." [Interview : ] "It was wonderful." There's one person who has brought Korean food to the home of jazz! Meet chef Lee Myeong-suk. California is home to foods from all over the world! Here‚ chef Lee Myeong-suk works to raise awareness about Korean food. Chef Lee has students lining up to learn from her. To them‚ she is a chef sent from heaven‚ but she says that her focus is more on raising awareness about Korean food than on the cooking itself. Her career peaked in the United States‚ but actually began in Japan. [SOV] [Interview : Lee Myung-sook‚ President California Culinary School] "I stared to develop my desire to make the best Korean restaurant in Japan." Her primary objective was to fight the prejudice that all Korean is salty or spicy. Ten years later‚ she became the first Korean chef to appear on a star chef food program. Her career met a turning point in the United States when she taught star chefs from all over the world how to make kimchi and Korean wraps. After that‚ Chef Lee devoted her career to spreading appreciation of Korean food. She travels wherever there are people interested in Korean food. Today‚ her destination is New Orleans. But we find Chef Lee listening to music‚ and not in the kitchen! Why is she spending precious hours listening to music[Interview : Lee Myung-sook‚ President California Culinary School] " I'll try to apply the rhythm into my food. In particular‚ he will come and sing for our dinner." She chooses palace foods from the Joseon Dynasty to serve with the music of Tim Laughlin. Thirteen dishes will be prepared‚ including rare delicacies like barbeque with wild ginseng sauce‚ and "bo kimchi" made with seafood and fruits. [SOV] [Interview : ] "Hi‚ my name is John Besh." John Besh has come to experience Lee's famous food. Star chef John Besh is one of the top ten chefs in the United States. He recently became interested in Korean food‚ and began developing fusion dishes with Korean chefs learning under him. Chef Besh decides to take this opportunity to learn about Korean food from a true master. He tries his hand at miljeonbyeong[밀전병]‚ thin flour and vegetable pancakes. Will he succeed at this dish‚ known for being difficult to make[Interview : ] "He made the same just after few minutes. He is a genuine professional. It's so crunchy and delicious." Chef Lee personally prepares gul bossam‚ a oyster wrap‚ as a sign of gratitude. [SOV] [Interview : ] "I'm a king today." Chef Besh eagerly tries a bite. He turns very‚ very red. He must have bitten into the kimchi! He has fallen in love with the bossam. He stops working to eatand eat some more. How does Chef Besh feel about Korean food[Interview : John Besh‚ Chef] "You know it's fascinating. Everything that I tasted so far was very healthy. It was very good for the body. But‚ it's also taste so incredible." A special feast is held for chefs and journalists who are known for being picky eaters! Will they be satisfied with their first taste of Korean food[Interview : ] "ready go~" It's hard to believe that this food is Korean! The guests admire the food even before they dig in. They don't hesitate to enjoy the food. The guests have no trouble eating the spicy oyster wraps that had been so highly praised by John Besh. They all enjoy the meeting of Chef Lee's Korean food with Laughlin's jazz. What is their opinion of Korean palace food[Interview : Jennifer Besh‚ Wife John Besh‚ Chef] "Everybody's reaction. Flavors‚ spicy‚ sweet‚

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  • A cross-cultural performance in Seoul seeks to boost contemporary Korean dance to the world. The project is a collaboration between domestic dance troupes‚ and a jazz ensemble from Europe. More from Son Heekyung. East meets west or in this case‚ traditional dance from Korea meets classic jazz from Germany. This is the idea behind ''Soul‚ Sunflower‚’’ a collaboration between the National Dance Company of Korea‚ and the five-member jazz band SaltaCello. The National Theater of Korea in Seoul is holding the performance for three days. These dancers use their art to express the inescapable sorrow of humans while the musicians stimulate the senses and emotions. The two-act performance is a mix of a lyrical form of dancing‚ wit and dynamic movements‚ and also portrays human nostalgia. The show's artistic director says she wants to break the stereotype that traditional Korean dance is boring. ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: ''I wanted to find a way to make Korean dance far from making one drowsy. So I chose a music genre that the majority of the younger generation enjoys listening to. After seeing our performance‚ I'm sure that audiences will no longer find Korean dance hard to understand.'' The story is about the miserable life of a mother who loses her son. DANCER: ''What's meaningful about 'Soul‚ Sunflower' is that the dancers including myself got a chance to work together on LIVE performances with Germany's SaltaCello. The show combines sadness‚ comedy and Korean customs.'' The theater says people should discover the new and contemporary version of traditional Korean dance calling it an experimental crossover performance. LEADER OF SALTACELLO: 'I think Korean traditional music is so wonderful and you have a long tradition and when we came here and got to know your traditional music‚ for sure‚ we had a special approach to arrange your music. So we came here and found your music and made a new arrangement. With this dance theater together‚ it's helping to make Korean tradition more popular.'' Organizers say the show is part of their efforts to raise the reputation of modern Korean dance in the global arena. Son Heekyung‚ Arirang News. Reporter : heekyung@arirang.co.kr

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  • 게시글 상세 보기를 등록일‚ 조회수‚ 기간‚ 담당자‚ 등록일‚ 조회수로 나타낸 테이블 입니다. 국립광주박물관‚ 9월 토요콘서트 개최 - Jazz in museum - 등록일2014-09-11 조회수1245 담당자 기획운영과 류효진 (bENxFQUDbFhzBgcB) 국립광주박물관(관장 조현종)은 아침 저녁 선선한 바람이 불어오는 가을의 문턱에서 지역민들에게 감미로운 재즈 선율을 들려주고자 오는 9월 13일(토) 오후 4시 교육관 대강당에서 재즈밴드「로로캄보」를 초청하여 “Jazz in museum”이라는 주제로 토요콘서트를 개최한다. 공연을 맡은 재즈밴드「로로캄보」는 실용음악 악기연주자와 관악전공생들이 모여 wanshin park trio‚ loro combo jazz group 브라스팀으로 구성된 연주팀으로 서울‚ 대구‚ 광주‚ 부산‚ 일본에서 다양한 연주 활동을 펼치며 대중들과 소통하고 있는 재즈 공연 단체이다.   이번 공연에서는 오즈의 마법사 OST이자 20세기 최고의 명곡으로 선정된 Harold Arlen(해롤드 알렌)의 'Over the rainbow'‚ 재즈 색소폰 연주자 Grover Washington Jr(그로버 워싱턴 주니어)의 'Just the two of us'등 9여 곡이 연주되며‚ 기타·베이스·드럼·보컬이 어우러진 재즈 공연은 관람객들이 가을의 향취를 느낄 수 있는 유익한 시간이 될 것이다.   무료로 진행되는 이번 공연은 3세 이상부터 입장 가능하며 공연 당일 300여 명을 선착순으로 오후 3시 40분까지 입장 마감한다.   기타 자세한 내용은 국립광주박물관 누리집에서 확인할 수 있다.     국립중앙박물관이 창작한 저작권 보호분야 국립광주박물관‚ 9월 토요콘서트 개최 - Jazz in museum - 저작물은 "공공누리" 출처표시 조건에 따라 이용 할 수 있습니다. (1유형) 첨부파일

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  • 2010년 10월 16일 ~ 11월 13일 매주 토요일 오후 5시

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  • 여름밤의 열기‚ 시원한 재즈(Jazz)로 쿨~하게 담당부서 작성자 장병영  게시일 2009-07-24 조회수 526 키워드 산림청 연락처 내용보기 산림청 국립자연휴양림관리소(소장 성부근) 칠보산자연휴양림에서 오는 7월 25일 아름다운 소나무 숲을 무대로 '제2회 한 여름밤의 숲속 콘서트'가 개최된다. 지난해 첫 공연 시 참석자들의 큰 호응에 힘입어 제2회 공연을 맞게 된 이번 한여름 밤의 숲속콘서트는 칠보산자연휴양림을 찾는 이용객에게는 숲속에서 다양한 휴양문화를 접할 수 있는 기회를 제공하고‚ 상대적으로 문화소외지역인 지역주민에게 다양한 문화를 접할 기회 제공하기 위해 개최된다. 7월 25일 토요일 저녁 7시 30분부터 개그맨 김필수씨의 사회로 'Eclat Big Band'의 재즈음악과 '초청가수(이한‚ 김경아)의 공연'‚ '밸리댄스(가디스밸리댄스팀)공연' 등 다채로운 공연이 펼쳐질 예정이다. 아울러 이번 공연에 참가하는 'Eclat Big Band'는 행사를 위해 경비의 일부를 부담하는 등 칠보산자연휴양림과 함께 지역에 다채로운 문화를 전파하는 동반자로 나섬으로써 그 의의를 더 했다. 현재혁 칠보산자연휴양림 팀장은 "여러 분야와 접목한 산림휴양기회를 발굴하여 제공함으로써 찾아오시는 분들의 만족도를 높이고‚ 지역주민과 함께하는 자연휴양림이 될 수 있도록 앞으로도 지속적으로 노력할 것"이라며 많은 관심과 참여를 당부하였다. 문 의 : 국립칠보산자연휴양림 현재혁(011-806-6500) 첨부파일 183. 여름밤의 열기 시원한 재즈(Jazz)로 쿨하게.hwp [373760 byte]

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